"I had the pleasure of taking a baby wearing class with Laura brown! She is professional, kind, knowledgable and inspiring. Her teaching style is relatable, easy to understand and full of passion. She definitely ignited a love of baby wearing in me that I hope to share with others! I highly recommend her as an educator and instructor."
-Kara Murano

"It is a pleasure knowing Laura Brown. She is a well spoken, thoughtful leader and teacher who considers all aspects of her subjects and interpretations of her students and audience. I think it is that consideration and thoughtfulness that makes myself and countless others want to listen when she is speaking. Her passion for all things infant related are truly genuine. All her existing community building has been extremely well received because of her talents, I cannot wait to see what else she does!"
-Sheila Sagun Hernandez

"Laura Brown is one of the most inclusive human beings I have ever met. She invited me to be a leader for my neighborhood and opened up a whole world of community I never knew existed. She is, what I consider to be, the founder of mainstream Babywearing in the Los Angeles area. Even before I knew her, I discovered Babywearing from someone she had previously taught and infected with the Babywearing love. Her passion is evident in her teachings and I am so happy to have known her."

-Missi Down Figueroa

"Laura Brown can take any nervous mom and transform her into a confident, baby-wearing mama. Her personalized classes are insightful, engaging, and fun!"
-Janine Brummer

"Always the consummate professional, Laura is an educator who takes her role seriously. She has a gentle and easy-going approach which encourages true understanding of wrapping as a whole. She keeps her audience engaged and interested throughout the entire class. It is an honor and privilege to teach next to her during "Wrapping 101" at MommyCon."

-Alisa DeMarco, Owner, Tekhni Wovens